Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of patients and their families at  Al- Assad University Hospital:

1- Getting adequate care at the best available levels
2- Getting sufficient adequate treatment and reducing disease morbidity with the best methods 
3- Being informed about the nature of care and medical procedures offered to you and your participation in decisions whenever appropriate 
4- Your right of making complaints or making suggestions without no hesitance of avoiding taking responsibilities 
5- Getting standard care which respects religions and dignity 
6- Protecting your privacy, personal and medical confidentiality and security 
7- You have the right to be protected from harms or risks according to hospital’s policy 
8- Knowing the costs of medical services and medical procedures in advance 
Duties of patients and their families in the hospital:
1- To respect medical and nursing staff in the hospital 
2- As the hospital is a teaching hospital, patient should co-operate with medical and nursing staff in making clinical investigations offered by trainees 
3- To respect the regulations issued by the hospital
No smoking policy
Maintain the cleanness of the all areas in the hospital and inside treatment room 
Avoiding vandalising tools and equipment in the hospital
Respecting and attending hospital appointments
Respecting others privacy
To stay at the designated area for residency in the hospital and to inform the staff upon leaving