Syrian Arab Republic 

Damascus University 

Al Assad University Hospital

For teaching (Internal)

Institutions (in case of no referrals) 


a. These loans are renewed weekly

b. The loan will be returned to the institutional patient when he/she brings a formal referral letter 

c. The same patient’s files of the internal department will be used when he/ she has been referred to the surgical department. The admission loan of the surgical department has to be paid according to the case, type of admission, and type of surgery) in addition to the paid loan of internal department upon admission .    

d. Those patients whose operations require additional special equipment or materials (such as valves, oxygenators, artificial joint, stents, grafts , stabilisers, surgical patches and pacemakers,….etc) have to pay the value of these materials/equipment according to the prices which are determined by the hospital's administration . Alternatively, the patients can purchase these special materials/equipment at their own expenses    

e. Fees for treatment, hospital stay, and all medical services which are provided by the hospital for the private patients have to be paid according to the issued price list of the Ministry of Higher Education. 

f. Non-Syrian patients can be admitted to the private department exclusively and they have to pay according to their chosen classes and the price list of the Ministry of Higher Education. Some exceptions can be adopted for those cases which are suitable for teaching purposes after an academic member of staff or a specialist signs the patient's admission notes and the approval of the general director of the hospital.

g. Those patients, who chose to be treated by doctors who are not employed by the hospital, have to be treated in the private wards only. These doctors have to obtain the approval of administration previously in order to work in the hospital.   

h. / 12 / years old patients  and over are allowed to be admitted to hospital only. This is not applicable to young children who can be admitted for teaching purposes or in cases of lack of availabilities of specialized departments  in the Children Hospital. Their admission notes have to be certified and approved by the head of department and the general director of the hospital. 

i. All paid loans are credited to patients with formal receipts in a private account at the accounting department . These loans will be settled after the discharging of patients. 

j. The external room at the entrance of each department is designated to isolate some cases when required after the approval of the head of department. 

k. In cases of emergency admission and when patient can’t afford the required financial loan, the patient can be still admitted with his / her ID (or one of his accompanied relatives) provided that the required payment will be paid next day. 

l. If patient who has been admitted in a general room for teaching purposes had asked to be treated in a private room at any stage of his / her treatment , he/she has to pay on the basis of  private fees upon discharging from the hospital. Fees will depend on the period of stay starting from the date of admission 

m. The patient can move from a higher class to a lower class in the private department and will be charged according to his/her stay in each class. The hospital administration issues all the rules and instructions relating to the arrangements of patient's moving between different classes.